It’s a bit of a cheap trinket, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Perhaps in the aftermath of Audrey Hepburn’s demise the world needed a poster-image for our strange collective crush on Hollywood’s most sexlessly-beautiful siren. For a while the film’s star shone like a rock…you’ll remember the chart-topping song, of course…since when its various flaws…Mickey Rooney’s racist clowning, the general atmosphere of toothpaste turpitude…have seemed ever more difficult to get past.

Aristocratic Audrey as farm girl Holly Golightly turning tricks in the big city? Shouldn’t a part like that have gone to Marilyn Monroe? Writer Truman Capote certainly thought so, and screenwriter George Axelrod (The Seven Year Itch) was duly dispatched to tailor the part for the blonde bombshell to play. But Marilyn feared being cast as a call girl. Shirley MacLaine was of a similar mind and passed as well. You do wonder if it was the fuss surrounding the previous picture that made everyone so queasy about the film.